What Your Buyer's Agent Will Do For You


As your buyer’s agent, I will maximize your buying power by educating you on the market trends and the buying process.

As your buyer’s agent, I will review your financial goals versus the available options and help you determine what is best for you.  I’ll help you become pre-qualified which gives you a stronger negotiating position.  My lender partner, Kevin Martini will review and analyze loan types – sometimes the lowest rate may not be the best loan for you.  And, we will be there to help you with the loan process through closing.


As your buyer’s agent, I can save you time and money by dismissing any home that may not provide a good value or may be overpriced.  I will make you aware of all homes that may affect your buying decision.

Buying Decision

As your buyer’s agent, I will explore your options concerning home features and function as they relate to your specific needs.  I will evaluate the value (both current and resale) of the home you’re considering, and analyze the market via a comparative market analysis (CMA) to make sure you don’t overpay.

Making the Offer to Purchase

As your buyer’s agent, I will write the purchase offer so that your concerns and interests are addressed and your investment is protected.  You can count on me to provide options throughout all negotiations and specify terms concerning financing, inspections, repairs, condition and closing that work within your parameters.  I will negotiate price, dates, and repairs, thus eliminating uncomfortable face-to-face negotiation with the sellers, and provide you with a detailed follow-up to eliminate those unexpected surprises prior to and at the closing table.


As your buyer’s agent, I will explain what inspections are necessary to protect your interests, help guide you in selecting reputable inspectors, negotiate repairs, and insure the repairs have been completed to your satisfaction.


As your buyer’s agent, I will help you select a closing attorney and explain whom the attorney represents.  I’ll help you understand the settlement statements and the individual charges and fees.