She streamlined the process!

I have known Lisa for many years and have utilized her services to sell my house (before the major uptick in the housing market) and to purchase a new home a year later. Lisa was instrumental in helping me sell my home. She gave me excellent tips on how to attract buyers to my property, helped me locate painters and handyman services to aid in minor updates/repairs and helped me with the emotional stress of selling a home. She thoroughly explained all the steps in the sales process so I could be better prepared for the possible ups & downs of process. During my home purchase, since I was living out of town and could only come for a week to try to find a home, Lisa researched possible homes within my stated budget and worked diligently with me to see as many homes as possible. She helped me narrow my focus to homes that were better suited to my life priorities. She also helped me do the final walk-through on my new home. Lisa knows what it takes to buy and sell homes in this area at reasonable prices and to make the process less stressful for the buyer/seller. I would not hesitate to utilize her services again.